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GIS 4100

Bonner Park

Spring 2007 By: Andrew Shaw, George Smith, and Kyle Melvin

GIS 3100

World Regional C02 Emissions for 1900, 1950, and 2000

Fall 2003 By: Kerri Bessinger

GIS 3100

Proposed Georgia College Recycling Program

Fall 2007 By: Kelley Smith

GIS 4100

Ecology and Hydrology of the Altamaha River Basin

Spring 2009 By: Caitlin Ames, Rachel Lindsey, James Waters, and Tal Woodall

GIS 3100

Death Row in the U. S.

 Fall 2004 By: Christopher Davis

GIS 4100

State Property Transfer

Spring 2004 By: Shea Groebner & Michael Bender

GIS 4100

Campus Sustainability - Bike Paths

Spring 2008 By: Kelley Smith & Justin Morgan

GIS 4100

Blandy Road

Spring 2005 By: Jason Ray

GIS 3100

Tornado Outbreaks, Injuries, and Fatalities in the United States, 1950-1994

Fall 2003 By: Melissa Ray

GIS 3100

Tent Wars: Conflict-Induced Displacement and Displacement-Induced Conflict in Africa

Fall 2003 By: Rebecca Rushing

GIS  3100

Wetlands Loss in Coastal Louisiana

Fall 2006 By: Andrew Shaw

GIS 3100

East Georgia Mines of Thiele Kaolin

Fall 2004 By: Tim Blue & Michael Fulghum

GIS 4100

Oconee River Greenway

Spring 2009 By: Hannah Bell and Ryan Smith

GIS 3100

Pre-Columbian Archeological Sites on San Salvador Island, Bahamas

Fall 2007 By: Hope Hopkins

GIS 4100

Using Advanced Modeling in ArcGIS 9.2 to Perform Resource Proximity Analysis for Prehistoric Settlements on San Salvador Island, Bahamas

Spring 2008 By: Hope Hopkins

GIS 4100

Broad River Watershed Assessment

Spring 2007 By: Rachel Hodge, Claire Ike, Robin Baker


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