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The Georgia College Geographic Research Commons, hosted in the Department of History & Geography, is dedicated to improving the lives of our students, staff, faculty, and community by promoting sound geographic research and education.  We are engaged in a wide variety of research and outreach activities, primarily on campus or in the local community.  Our goal is to engage our students in active learning and at the same time help promote the responsible development of our campus, town, and community.  As a result, we hope to prepare our students for successful careers in a variety of geographic careers.


Faculty and Staff
The GRC benefits from the involvement of several GC students, staff, and faculty.  These scholars have collectively contributed hundreds of hours toward research projects in service of our campus and the local community.

Dr. Chuck Fahrer, Professor of Geography


Dr. Christine Mutiti, Asst. Prof. of Environmental Science  
Dr. Sam Mutiti, Assoc. Prof. of Environmental Science


Dr. Doug R. Oetter, Professor of Geography, Director


Dr. Amy Sumpter, Asst. Prof. of Geography


Chad Hobson, B.S. in Environmental Science Research Design
Kelley E. Smith, B.S. in Environmental Science Data Catalog; Website
Jessica Craigg, B.A. in Geography / B.S. in Environmental Science Data Catalog; Map Design; Website
Jessica Scott, B.A. in Geography / B.A. in History Data Catalog; Map Design; Research Assitant; Website




The mission of the GRC is primarily supported through internal funding from GC sources, including lab fees, departmental budgets, faculty research grants, and discretionary spending.  External sources of funding include USGS America View, NSF STEM, and agency contracts.

Please consider contributing to the research efforts of the GC Geographic Research Commons.  Tax-deductible (501c3) contributions can be made to the GC Foundation, dedicated to the "Geographic Research Fund #594."  In addition, we are able to invoice clients for work performed under a service agreement.  If you have specific research needs which we can accommodate, we would appreciate hearing from you.  Please contact Dr. Doug R. Oetter at the address below.


Contact Information
Geographic Research Commons
251 Beeson Hall
GC Campus Box 120
Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone (478) 445-7379
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